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Joshua Burnett-Blake models for Primark Workout Campaign

Joshua Burnett-Blake from world renowned parkour team Storror models for Primark in their 2016/17 Workout Campaign. Concept created and delivered by THE ONE OFF Design Agency

"Monday 13th February 2017. The fitness industry has grown impressively within the last year, 1 in 7 people in the UK now have gym memberships which is the highest it's ever been. With continual growth in the industry Primark needed a campaign that would drop with impact. The brief for Workout 2017 was to create a complete 'takeover' of their stores. This meant that as of Boxing Day Primark windows would be filled with our latest Workout Campaign as well as refreshing instore POS. We researched 2017's fitness trends, graphic trends, consumer behaviour and combined our findings to create the concept for 'Same Time Tomorrow.' Our chosen route focuses on a combination of the ever growing ‘teamwork’ mantra with an underlying notion of fashion meets performance." By CRISSI AKERS from THE ONE OFF Design Agency