Visive Productions

Giles Campbell Longley

JLM Urban Sports Preferred Partner

Visive Productions is an award winning global figure in the action sports world due to its production of Parkour and Freerunning films. We specialise in filming movement and develop visual communications for businesses that need to differentiate through an effective strategy. Having worked with almost every big name athlete in the sport, we are now the global leading online content provider for Pakour and Freerunning videos resulting in tens of millions of youtube views across the board. With the aim of providing a complete package, we offer an array of services ranging from documentaries through to music promo, advertising and consultancy. Previous clients include – Red Bull, Poker Stars, The Kevin Spacey Foundation, Asos, Hewlett Packard and Channel 4.

Giles: A talented cameraman and cinematographer, carving a life for himself out of his passion for capturing the raw excitement of action sports. A well-travelled, community driven individual, who has seen so much that he has become hard to impress. His sharp and critical eye has become one of his defining characteristics, but also one of his biggest strengths – making his advice invaluable to his peers.

Giles Visive Showreel