Professional Free Runner and Film Maker

Will is an Equity Insured Parkour/Free Runner and Film Maker based in London, UK. Born in the Isle of Man, he has been training for over 10 years.

Alongside Free Running Will also undertakes complementary work as a film-maker. Website www.WillSutton.media


Red Bull Art of Motion 2011, World Wide Free Running Competition - 1st Place

China International Parkour World Championship - 3rd - Skill Category

IOM Film Festival 2013 - Winner of Music Video Category

IOM Arts Council Film Festival 2011 - 1st Place Comedy Category

IOM Arts Council Film Festival 2011 - 1st Place Music Video Category

IOM Police Constabulary, Community Partnership Initiative Award 2010

One of the worlds leading Parkour and Freerunning athletes for 11 years.

First athlete to land Double Gainer trick


Pepsi Max Premiere League Volley Commercial - Freerunning Football Tricks

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Motion Capture Stunts

BBC The One Show – Homefree Freerunning Film ‘ Will Sutton’ – 2015

Clients and Brand Collaborations - Canon, Pepsi Max, Lacoste, Hypebeast,

Nissan, Breville, Snapchat, Rode, MAC, Netflix, Marvel, TM Lewin, Kswiss, Puma

and many more.

Canon Skygarden Performance ‘Free Runner’ 2015

Guinness World Records Opening Live Performance

Nissan Car Prototype 2016 Live Performance

Nokia 920 Online Commercial

The Vamps Music Video and World Tour Opening 2015

Dubai Military IDEX Live Performance 2015


Ben – Short – Lead Actor ‘Ben’ – 2014

Camera Trap – Feature – Stunt Double ‘Creature’ – 2013

Closet – Short – Lead Actor ‘Bobby’ – 2012

Sawney – Feature – Supporting Actor ‘Jake’ – 2012

Sawney – Feature – Stunt Double ‘Jake’ ‘Mother’ – 2012